Sunday, May 12, 2013

eBay store vs Amazon store

eBay store vs Amazon store:

Online sales have increased many folds over the last few years and are projected to grow substantially more. It is bound to have significant effects on brick and mortar stores. In this changing environment it is imperative to stay ahead of the curve. Do not bet against this trend. The best way to succeed is to ride this trend and be part of it by enhancing your presence online.
Many marketing channels have already been established such as eBay and Amazon. Small and medium size businesses are taking full advantage of these new market places. Do not be left behind if you want to succeed in this ever changing market environment.
Two companies that come to mind are eBay and Amazon web stores. They provide a lot of convenience for consumers because they can do shopping from home without taking a trip to the mall. Both stores are similar in many way but they are still very different.    
eBay is not like any store. It is an auction house. eBay does not sell its own items. It is a market place where buyers and sellers meet. In order to increase buyer’s satisfaction, eBay has a feedback system, where buyers can verify if seller has a good reputation. Sellers with good reputation tend to sell better.  Buyers usually do not buy from seller who has bad favorable feedback. If you want to know more about eBay store, feel free to email us at
Amazon is like a regular store. They stock up merchandise and ship them to you once you order. If you do not like the merchandise, you can send it to the return address. Amazon usually sells brand new products, but you can certainly find many used items as well. All new products come with standard warranty. However if you set up your own store with Amazon, you can sell just like Amazon does and you may reach out to millions of potential customers. If you want to know more about Amazon store, feel free to email us at
In order to expand your potential customer base, it is better to have presence at both places, at eBay and Amazon. You might have to pay a nominal fee to these stores, but it does provide a potential of huge growth in your business. A well run eBay store or Amazon store is worth every penny and can increase your sales and eventually make profit. Amazon and eBay are adding new features everyday and can be very valuable tools for small businesses.
All Amazon and eBay stores are not created equally. A customized eBay or Amazon store can certainly increase appeal in the eyes of potential customers. They value your effort and seriousness about the business. If you want to customize your eBay store, Amazon store or listing designs, feel free to contact us at and we will help you launch your online store and customize the design creating a different and better store than the competition.

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